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New RRI research reveals sharp decline in pace of recognition of forest land and resource rights

The Rights and Resources Initiative is pleased to announce the release of its latest report, What Future For Reform? Progress and slowdown in forest tenure reform since 2002.


The report -- the third in a series of analyses tracking the transition in statutory forest tenure since 2002 -- finds that not only has the recognition of local land rights slowed considerably since 2008, but the few land tenure laws that have been passed in the last six years are weaker and recognize fewer rights.

This slowdown is particularly sobering given the high hopes that recent international commitments and initiatives -- like the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and REDD+ -- could catalyze a new wave of recognition and defense of local forest land rights.


It is still early days for these commitments and we are optimistic that increased awareness of this global crisis and a better understanding of the benefits community rights to land can deliver will convince governments, the private sector, and international conservation and development organizations alike to become champions of tenure reform.


It is our hope that this paper -- and the data and analyses behind it -- will make a small contribution to that change.

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Posted By Madiha Qureshi at 9:29am on March 26, 2014

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