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The following positions are currently open with Rights and Resources Group. Please check this site periodically for future vacancies.

Regional Facilitator, Central Africa and Liberia

The Rights and Resources (RRI) is seeking a bilingual (French and English) Central Africa and Liberia Regional Facilitator to support RRI’s Africa program at the country and regional levels. The Regional Facilitator will work closely with country and regional Partners and Collaborators, but represents the Rights and Resources Group, the secretariat for the RRI coalition, based in Washington DC.

The RRI Central Africa and Liberia Regional Facilitator will work closely with the Africa Program Director and the Washington-based team to facilitate the planning process, communications, monitoring and technical assistance to all RRI activities in the region. Key responsibilities include: (a) convening annual review and planning meetings at the country and regional level by facilitating the steps leading up to the planning process, and (b) preparing complete concept notes and budgets, under the direction of the Africa Director, to be processed by the Africa Associates based in Washington DC.  In addition, the Regional Facilitator will (a) prepare and update strategy notes in consultation with regional and country Partners and Collaborators, (b) assist Partners and Collaborators to engage with RRI global programs, (c) encourage synergies and cross-regional learning among RRI Partners and Collaborators, and (d) maintain regular communication with and among Partners and Collaborators in the region, and with country and regional program (CRP) and Africa team at RRG in Washington.  The Regional Facilitator works independently, and does not represent any one Partner or Collaborator during annual work planning or implementation.  

The individual will report directly to the Africa Program Director.

This is a full-time, contract position with the possibility of renewal each January. 

Compensation package is competitive and commensurate with skills and experience.

The position will be based in either Cameroon or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Essential Job Functions

The Regional Facilitator’s main tasks and responsibilities will be as follows:

1) Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance to Partners and Collaborators (60%)
  • Organize and facilitate country and regional planning meetings to develop program strategies and the annual work plan and budget, under guidance of the Regional Director for Africa
  • Coordinate and prepare  regional and country strategy notes and work plans and facilitate peer review process of these plans
  • Link Partners and Collaborators to relevant government agencies, research institutions and other civil society organizations to achieve strategic outcomes
  • Promote and align RRI mission and work plans among regional Partners and Collaborators, as directed by the Regional Director for Africa
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to Partners and Collaborators as appropriate
  • Work with Partners and Collaborators to finalize concept notes and ensure that agreed RRI guidance and standards are followed
  • Support the implementation of approved RRI activities (travel may be required)
  • Organize RRI-coordinated meetings, conferences and exchanges as directed by Regional Director for Africa (e.g. agenda, facilities and logistics, presenters, translators, travel/visas, meeting documentation, and outputs)
  • Monitor and report on the implementation of the Central Africa and Liberia work plans and the context in which it is being implemented:
    • provide RRI and the Washington team, Partners and Collaborators with timely updates (at a minimum on a monthly basis) 
    • submit weekly tracker of activities update to the Regional Director for Africa
2) Strengthen the synergies among Partners and Collaborators in country and regional platforms and promote global RRI communications to Region (25%)
  • Proactively communicate findings and lessons from RRI activities  to all relevant outlets and audiences in the region and to RRI, providing RRI with updates on new relevant trends, issues, and initiatives
  • Provide technical information, data, and resources as it relates to Central Africa and Liberia for inclusion in publications, reports, articles and other communication products or edits to technical work as requested by the Washington team, Partners and Collaborators 
  • Regularly communicate with Partners and Collaborators in the region, and with RRI-related advocacy and community networks, disseminating global and country/regional RRI products such as publications, news, and data
  • Serve as a focal point for RRI communications in the region, working with the Africa Associates to regularly update the RRI blog and website with news and publications from Central Africa and Liberia, monitoring and contributing to the updating of the website as it pertains to Africa, and actively disseminating RRI products to regional news outlets and collaborators
  • Provide opportunities for cross-learning among regional Partners and Collaborators on forest land tenure reform, climate change and enterprise development and other global RRI themes
3) Regional Analysis and Documentation (15%)
  • As directed, carry out regional analysis and documentation on issues related to forest tenure, rights, and forest management in Central Africa and Liberia
  • As directed, document and share important cases related to forest tenure models, forest based enterprise development, realizing rights and benefit enhancement and sharing by communities through tenure reform.   
Essential Qualifications
  • Excellent networker and partnership builder
  • Strong ability to monitor and track contracts and deliverables
  • Demonstrated ability to assist others to solve problems and manage conflicts
  • Strong understanding of issues related to tenure, women and tenure, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and customary rights
  • Strong analytical skills related to land and resource rights 
  • Experience working with community organizations and NGOs
  • Experience with grassroots mobilization
  • Experience liaising and coordinating activities with government agencies
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills  
  • Strong writing skills, with excellent attention to detail
  • Advanced writing and speaking proficiency in English and French
  • Demonstrated ability to organize work according to shifting priorities
  • Experience engaging media
  • Exceptional ability to represent organization and promote mission
  • Minimum bachelors (political science, social science, international relations, or related field) or Law degree, with at least 7 years field experience
  • Must be able to travel inter-regionally within Africa, to the United States, and other regions as deemed necessary
To Apply

Please email a cover letter, your résumé or curriculum vitae, and three references (include phone number and email) to with the position title “RRI Facilitator for Central Africa and Liberia” in the subject line. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Deadline for submission is April 18th, 2014 11:59 EST.

See listing in French here.

Rights and Resources Group is a non-profit organization that serves as the coordinating mechanism for the Rights and Resources Initiative, a global coalition to advance forest tenure, policy and market reforms. Rights and Resources Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Associate, Country and Regional Program (Latin America)

The Associate is responsible for providing support to RRI’s Latin America Country and Regional Program (CRP), specifically to the Latin America Regional Program Director, as well as contribute to the overall institutional needs of the Secretariat (RRG). The Associate will undertake these duties in a highly professional, systematic and precise manner, handling details carefully without compromising attention to big-picture goals. Successful candidates will be flexible and able to work effectively in a highly dynamic environment (independently and across teams), while ensuring that the work is completed within established deadlines. Successful candidates will also have a passion for social justice, equity, and human rights. A collegial and cheerful demeanor is essential.


The Associate will work under the supervision of the Latin America Regional Program Director. This position is a full-time position based in Washington, DC, with the potential to travel overseas , and is classified as non-exempt under the US Fair Labor Standards Act.

Essential Job Functions

1) Support the Regional Program Director, Latin America Program as follows: 

  • Provide general administrative support for the Latin America Program
  • Consolidate budgets and work plans for Latin America and support the contracting process
  • Track and monitor projects in Latin America. This includes tracking and reviewing financial and narrative deliverables and servicing payments for activities in consultation with the Latin America Regional Director and Facilitators in Central America and South America
  • Contribute to the preparation and compiling of background documents for RRI’s participatory Planning Process for Latin America (country and regional levels)
  • Provide logistical support for meetings held at national, regional, and global levels, such as finding conference rooms and hotels, note-taking, processing international visas, and making international travel arrangements
  • Assist with correspondence to Partners and Collaborators engaged in regional and country plans and activities
  • Support the South America and Central America Facilitators as needed
  • Undertake preliminary and background research into potential national and regional activities and projects in Latin America
  • Assist in the coordination of and writing content for the Latin America portion of RRI’s website, RRI quarterly email updates, and monthly meetings reports
  • Update event announcements, regionally-specific news and relevant content to blogs in English and Spanish
  • Edit and translate minor or internal documents to/from English and Spanish
  • Contribute to the preparation and facilitation efforts of RRI's global planning and governance meetings
  • Undertake other tasks as requested by the Latin America Regional Program Director and the CRP Director   
2) Support RRI Institution-wide activities
  • Provide literature reviews, background research or preparation of background documents, contributions to and editing of strategic analyses, policy briefs, and support to networking activities around a priority theme
  • Draft terms of references and contracts, 
  • Tracking deliverables and payments 
  • Prepare background documents for RRG Directors
  • Provide planning and organizational support for staff retreats or team assessments 
  • Assist with correspondence, note-taking, translation of short documents and simultaneous translation and RRI strategic engagement in global activities 
Required Skills, Experience, and Abilities
  • Must be bilingual in Spanish and English (must have written and spoken professional fluency in both languages), proficiency in Portuguese a plus. 
  • Bachelor’s degree with a focus on Latin American Studies, Environment, Human Rights, or other relevant field
  • 2-3 years of experience working in Latin America or in an international organization focused on Latin America 
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and Spanish, including strong research, analytical, and writing skills
  • Previous administrative professional experience 
  • Strong organizational and computer skills in Microsoft Office, Concur travel and Expense 
  • Must be able to travel overseas
To Apply

Please send a resume, cover letter, and a short (1-2 pages maximum) writing sample in English and Spanish to with “Latin America Program Associate 2014” in the subject line. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with interviews to begin on May 6, 2014. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted. No telephone calls please.

Rights and Resources Group is a non-profit organization that serves as the coordinating mechanism for the Rights and Resources Initiative, a global coalition to advance forest tenure, policy and market reforms. Rights and Resources Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Associate, Coalition Coordination and Development 

Established in April of 2013, Coalition Coordination and Development (CCD) is charged with strengthening the functioning of the Coalition and shaping RRIs vision on Coalition building by managing Board and Partners relations, expanding its collaboration platforms with relevant stakeholders, preparing and implementing annual meetings and other key events and strengthening the Coalition’s governance platforms through the development of  streamlined guidelines, planning, monitoring and evaluation tools. The CCD works across RRG to support the efforts of the different programs by providing partnership advisory services, promoting best practices, and serving as a gateway for new collaborations in furtherance of RRI mandate and goals.

The Coalition Coordination and Development Associate would support all functions of the CCD including administrative, operational and normative tasks. This is a full-time non-exempt position (40 hours a week). Compensation is commensurate with skills and experience.

Working as an integral member of the CCD team, under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Manager for Coalition Coordination and Development, and in collaboration with the Manager for Operations, the Coalition Coordination and Development Associate will have the following responsibilities:

Essential Job Functions

Program Support

  • Support the Senior Manager in the development, drafting and implementation of partnering, collaboration policies and planning guidelines;
  • Support the Senior Manager and other relevant staff in the development of a strategy/platform for mapping and cataloguing the contribution of Partners per year, per region;
  • Support the Senior Manager in the development and implementation of protocols with Partners for adoption at a corporate level; 
  • In collaboration with the Manager of Operations, develop and lead the implementation of guidelines for record-keeping of official documents, including filing of Partner and Board-specific documents, minutes of meetings, etc., and ensuring that files are regularly updated; 
  • In collaboration with the Manager of Operations, maintain the internal CCD contact list;
  • In collaboration with the Manager of Operations, maintain team and internal calendars;
  • Contribute to ongoing planning of CCD activities;
  • Participate in weekly CCD team meetings and provide updates on assigned areas of responsibility;
  • Serve as the CCD liaison with the Communications and Networking Support teams with regards to joint areas of collaboration.
Meeting Planning Support

  • Lead the development and implementation of participation guidelines for CCD-led meetings and events and, potentially, work with the COO for the adoption of corporate-wide guidelines in this regard; 
  • In collaboration with the Manager for Operations and other relevant RRG staff, facilitate the planning, logistics, meals, registration, travel and visa arrangements, etc., for CCD-led events and meetings, namely periodic Board meetings, the January Governance Meeting with a particular focus on quality assurance and cost control;
  • Liaise with RRI’s travel agency, collaborators and vendors as needed; 
  • Coordinate outreach to participants, both prior to meetings with regards to logistics, ensure that response timelines are met and that participants guidelines are followed by all parties; 
  • Maintain close communication with participants to make sure they provide us required information and are fully aware of logistics arrangements.
  • In collaboration with the Manager of Operations, provide general administrative support for the CCD; 
  • In collaboration with the Manager of Operations, help in the preparation and tracking of budgets; 
  • Manages, in consultation with the Resources Branch staff, the preparation of contracts, analysis of financial statements, adjustment of budgets and schedules, and project closures;
  • Supports the monitoring and administration of the project and relationship management including the identification and administration of resource persons/consultants in support of projects, and; 
  • Contract monitoring and administration, including liaising with vendors, RRI’s Finance & Administration Program, tracking deliverables, arranging payments, and updating budget.
  • In collaboration with the Communications team, ensure that the information contained on the corporate website is updated so as to fully represent RRIs current list of Board and Partners;
  • In collaboration with the Communications team, develop content to highlight the different types of RRI partnerships, the collaborative structures and modalities and RRIs comparative advantage in this regard; and
  • Ensure that key CCD activities figure on the corporate website.
Essential Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 2-3 years of professional experience
  • Exceptional organization and planning skills, with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Ability to prioritize competing demands and projects in both short and long term.
  • Excellent communications skills: 
    • Ability to write clear, concise, and grammatically correct content for outreach and reporting; 
    • Ability to edit and summarize text written by others, to make complex text more accessible without compromising message and content.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, comfortable liaising with diverse array of collaborators from across the globe and ability to sense and convey contextually appropriate tone and style for formal and informal communication. Must be fluent in English. Fluency in a secondary language (Spanish/French) is strongly preferred.
  • Experience working with multi-laterals or international organizations preferred;
  • Experience living/working abroad preferred.
To Apply

Please send a cover letter, your résumé, and a short writing sample in English and a second language to human resources ( with the position title “Coalition Coordination and Development Associate” in the subject line. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Applications will be accepted immediately and interviews conducted on a rolling basis. Apply early. 

Rights and Resources Group is a non-profit organization that serves as the coordinating mechanism for the Rights and Resources Initiative, a global coalition to advance forest tenure, policy and market reforms. Rights and Resources Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Program Finance Administrator

The Program Finance Administrator maintains Finance and Administration’s working relationships with RRI’s Programs, providing oversight of Program expenditures and interactions with Programs.  The Administrator will implement and sustain efficient and transparent procedures and processes for managing the institution’s financial and other resources;  ensure compliance with donor requirements and U.S. law while detecting potential risks to the organization;  monitor expenses against Program budgets;  ensure expense allocation to the appropriate projects and objectives of the organization;  prepare financial reports to management and Programs;  and build capacity of Programs in financial and contractual management. Overall, these responsibilities contribute to creating greater efficiency and smoother functioning of the organization, as it provides services to RRI’s Partner and Collaborating organizations.


The Program Finance Administrator will work closely with the Director of Finance and Administration, other Directors, and Program Managers to ensure the smooth relationship with Partners, Collaborators, consultants, and other institutions and individuals interacting with the Initiative.

This responsibility requires demonstration of effective and proactive decision-making, and exceptional organizational skills.  This position also requires high standards of ethical conduct, as the Program Finance Administrator will work with confidential information and be entrusted with roles within the institution’s internal fiscal controls. The position requires excellent communications skills and multicultural awareness, as the Program Finance Administrator will work extensively with RRI’s diverse global partners and all levels of staff, and must be prepared to assist with time-sensitive matters outside the realm of pre-defined duties.

This position will offer opportunity for the Program Finance Administrator to gain experience in all areas of non-profit organization financial management, build management and interrelationship skills within the context of an international non-profit coalition, and learn about trends in the improvement forest governance and land tenure rights reform from the activities of the coalition.

This position reports to the Director of Finance and Administration.

This is a full-time position based in Georgetown, Washington DC.

Essential Job Functions

Financial and Institutional Management

  • Serve as primary liaison with Program staff regarding program expenditures and budgets, and proactively build, maintain, and strengthen these relationships with Program staff
  • Convene monthly review meetings with each Program to review expenditures and budget, project cash flow requirements, and identify potential risks to organization and coalition
  • Prepare Program expenditure reports for monthly review meetings and other purposes as appropriate
  • Provide assistance and training to Program staff to understand accounting reports and to manage their Program expenditures and budget
  • Work with Senior Program Administrator and other relevant Program staff to refine processes for efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining quality documentation and compliance
  • Alert Director of any Program’s potential deviation from approved budget, and of any reallocations requested within that Program’s budget.
  • Assist program staff to properly account for and document the expenses of their program while ensuring compliance with budget restrictions, donor regulations, and RRG’s policies and procedures. 
  • Monitor each program’s tracking of subrecipient financial and audit reports
  • Serve as Finance’s reviewer of subrecipient financial and audit reports to ensure compliance with agreements and donor restrictions, and enter appropriate entries and adjustments into accounting system, in coordination with Accountant
  • Review pending new subagreements and contracts for compliance with RRI’s policies and best practices, assessing risk and managing identified risks with Program
  • Provide capacity building to Program staff on contracting best practices and compliance
  • Assist Director to determine proper allocations to appropriate projects, thematic areas, and programmatic objectives
  • Review accounting transactions to ensure proper and optimal allocation to projects
  • Prepare a monthly projection of cash flow needs for Program implementation for inclusion in overall organization cash flow projections
  • Prepare other management accounting reports, as requested
  • Serve as part of institution’s system of Internal Controls, independently reviewing and verifying appropriateness of transactions and reconciliations within an assigned component of Finance
  • Identify unusual potential risks to the institution or coalition, and convey those to the Director
  • Contribute to the planning, development, training, and implementation of integrated institutional systems, tools, and procedures to achieve greater efficiency and handle the growing complexity of the organization
  • Assist in the preparation for organization’s annual internal and external audits
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned by the Director

Essential Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years experience participating in the management of finance at a non-profit organization, preferably in an international context
  • Demonstrated decision-making experience in project-based accounting  and grants administration
  • Advanced Microsoft Word and Excel skills required, and strong Access or other database skills preferred
  • Experience with an advanced accounting software required; BlackBaud Financial Edge strongly preferred
  • Experience with financial administration of subgrants and subcontracts
  • Thorough understanding of U.S. FAR (Federal Acquisitions Regulations) required;  familiarity with U.K., Norway, Sweden, Germany, and/or E.U. grant regulations strongly encouraged
  • Fluency in English required, with French or Spanish proficiency advantageous
  • Strong sense of teamwork, with ability to interact collaboratively, respectfully, and enthusiastically with a diverse set of program staff and coalition partners
  • Fastidious organizational skills within a dynamic environment of shifting priorities
  • Flexibility to embrace a range of duties as organization needs require, and to predict and proactively address gaps in coverage by the Finance and Administration team
  • Dedication to our coalition’s mission 
To Apply

Please send a resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to  The subject line of the email must read: “Program Finance Administrator – 2014”. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted. No telephone calls please.

Rights and Resources Group is a non-profit organization that serves as coordinating mechanism for the Rights and Resources Initiative, a global coalition to advance forest tenure, policy and market reforms. Rights and Resources Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.