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To use one of the RSS quick-feed buttons to add an Rights and Resources RSS feed to your dashboard/profile first select the feed you are interested in (Publications, Events, or News) and then click the icon of your respecive dashboard platform. This will launch a new window and you will be guided through the remaining steps.


RSS Feeds

Keep up to date with the Rights and Resources Initiative with our RSS feeds. Click on the links below to access the pages or paste the addresses below into your favorite RSS reader to subscribe. 

There are a  number of ways to access RSS feeds. You can install a news reader or configure your Outlook or desktop RSS widget (Apple | PC) that  displays RSS feeds from the Web sites you select. After installing/configuring the news reader, you  can add each feed manually from the Web site by clicking or copying  the  URL of each feed.
An alternative to downloading a dedicated news reader is to use a  Web-based news reader. For example, iGoogle, My Yahoo!, My AOL and other web Dashboard users can now add RSS feeds directly to their personal page by using the buttons on the right or configuring their accounts manually.

Available RSS Subscriptions