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Country and Regional Initiatives

Global Programs

The Work of the Initiative

What We Do

RRI works within and across diverse fields of expertise and geographic regions to improve local communities’ and indigenous peoples’ rights to own, control and benefit from natural resources.

RRI's mission is to support local communities and indigenous peoples’ struggles against poverty and marginalization by promoting greater global commitment and action towards policy, market and legal reforms that secure their rights to own, control and benefit from natural resources, especially land and forests.

Country and Regional Initiatives

RRI advocates for pro-poor policy and market reforms at the state level in tropical, forested countries. We carry out country-level research and convene dialogues to generate new legislation and improved implementation of existing policies, and we engage government policymakers and strategic actors from civil society and communities to share new models and research.  Learn more about RRI's work in each region:

•    Africa

•    Asia

•    Latin America

Global Programs

RRI aims to demonstrate that tenure reform and security of rights for people and communities’ rights are a necessary first steps toward sustainable development in forested countries around the world. To empower Coalition Partners and Collaborators with accurate information, RRI's Global Programs team reports on trends in forest tenure globally. We also facilitate the international exchange of experiences in tenure reform by bringing together community-level change agents, government officials, civil society representatives and issue experts from different regions.  These efforts increase awareness of the importance of tenure reform and security of rights for sustainable development and amplify the Coalition’s impact within countries. The Global Programs are divided into the following strategic themes and programs:

•    Tenure Analysis

•    Alternative Tenure and Enterprise Models (ATEMs)

•    Rights and Climate

•    Realizing Rights

•    Networking Support

•    Communications and Outreach