Samdhana Institute

The Samdhana Institute was formed in 2003 by a group of individuals, conservationists, development practitioners, constituting the first Samdhana Fellows; moved by the same commitment of 'giving back' what they know to the next generation; and bringing together skills, knowledge, experiences, networks, colleagues and friends;  delivering maturity, strength and sustainability.  

Samdhana's vision is a region where natural, cultural and spiritual diversity are valued, where environmental conflicts are resolved peacefully, with justice and equity.  Achieving this vision requires that communities have clear rights and adequate information, recourse to the law, adequate leadership and organizing skills, funding and technical support. With a growing network of fellows, Samdhana assists in environmental conflict and mediation support and helps local organizations to reflect upon their approaches to: 

i) problem identification and strategic planning

ii) leading change processes

iii) monitoring and assessment

iv) reflection upon effectiveness

The Samdhana approach is to have Fellows work closely with partners over time and during critical periods in program development. Samdhana fellows abide by Samdhana values and contribute to Samdhana programs that are geared towards nurturing individuals and community groups to develop new or enhance existing skills and benefit from the compounded knowledge of the Samdhana community.

For more information, visit the Samdhana Institute website.