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Ileana Gomez, Coordinator



PRISMA (Salvadoran Research Program on Development and Environment) is a policy-oriented research center founded in El Salvador in 1993.  Their mission is to work for the social and environmental revalorization of rural communities and territories as an integral aspect of development processes. Our vision is societies that advance toward greater social justice and environmental sustainability.

A recent external evaluation notes: “PRISMA is recognized as a center that relates the macro to the micro, through its analyses and its efforts to orient debate. PRISMA’s contribution is not just limited to discovering lessons learned through its work systematizing experiences, but also involves identifying conceptual frameworks based on its critical analysis of current conditions, which can be useful in designing policies, programs and projects.” 

During its first decade of operations (1993-2002), PRISMA’s program primarily focused on El Salvador. In 2003, PRISMA’s program formally incorporated a regional component.  The regional focus has grown considerably, so much so that by 2006 the organization adopted, as its principal goal “to consolidate its transformation into a regional reference center that adds value to knowledge mobilization, dialogue and advocacy.”  

PRISMA serves as a regional platform for dialogue, critical analysis and action. This platform is an ongoing process, a social construction, based on the following key elements: 

         •    A shared concern by all participants for improving the livelihoods of poor marginalized communities and promoting sustainable development.

         •    A commitment to a genuine dialogue among different perspectives, focuses and points of view.

         •    Fomenting interaction among diverse actors (community-based organizations, NGOs, program officials, aid agencies, public functionaries, academicians), representing diverse sectors and disciplines, and engaged at a variety of levels (local, territorial, national, regional, global). 

For more information go to PRISMA's website.