FECOFUNThe Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN) is a formal network of Community Based Forest User Groups from all over Nepal.

FECOFUN emerged from the idea that forest users from all parts of the country should be linked in order to strengthen the role of users in policy making processes. Since its inception in July 1995, FECOFUN has grown into a social movement organization with about 8.5 million people represented - all of whom are forest users. To date, more than 11,200 Community Forest User Groups are affiliated with FECOFUN.

FECOFUN has become an effective mechanism for developing dialogue between policymakers and users and also a learning center for user groups on forest management.  We believe the local communities and people are the real managers of the forests. We have learned from our past experiences that forests and people can live in harmony.

FECOFUN is also a cofounder of the Global Alliance of Community Forestry, a network of community forestry users at the international level.

For more information see the FECOFUN website.