Networking Support » Independent Advisory Group on Forests, Rights and Climate Change

Created as a follow-up action to the 2008 Oslo Conference on Forests, Rights and Climate Change, the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is a platform for civil society experts on forests and climate change. The group advises the  UNthe UN-REDD Programme Policy Board by bringing evidence and perspectives from social actors to the UNREDD decision-making meetings. The IAG does not seek to represent all of civil society’s perspectives, but to bring concerted attention to the rights dimension of forest/climate interventions.

The IAG helps to ensure that new initiatives strengthen rights, tenure, and governance instead of harming them.

Through the IAG, leading nongovernmental organizations in forests, human rights, and land rights have a space to influence REDD policy discussions and plans. Promoting transparency and accountability, IAG is empowered to monitor activities and provide substantive advice to the UN‐REDD Programme and the Policy Board.

RRI’s Role

RRI is the acting secretariat of IAG and has been an active member of the group since its founding in 2009.

Recently, RRI supported IAG to do provide comments on the UNREDD’s Social & Environmental Principles and Criteria and presentations on governance to Policy Board meetings in 2009-2011. For more on IAG presentations and publications, please visit the group’s Resources page.