Networking Support

Policy-makers' decisions and attitudes towards rights and tenure reform are influenced by a number of actors at different political and social levels. Networks can coordinate stakeholders’ positions in national, regional and international dialogues, and they have proven an effective and low-cost tool to enhance mutual learning.

RRI’s Approach

RRI brings together strategic actors with the influence and knowledge to advance tenure and policy reforms at many levels and with many constituencies. We link networks of senior policy makers from large forested countries and networks of policy makers at regional and national levels. We also support networks of indigenous peoples and forest communities to share their voices in regional and international dialogues. RRI works with five global and regional networks, each serving a different niche. 


An informal network of the largest forested countries’ forest agency leaders, MegaFlorestais works to advance international dialogue and exchange on forest governance and public forest agency reforms. RRI co-organizes the group’s annual meetings and ensures that members participate in key RRI events related to their reform interests. Complementing the network, RRI is also involved in training the next-generation of forest agency leaders, as recommended by MegaFlorestais participants.

Global Issues in Governing Natural Resources (GIG) - Next Generation of Forest Agency Leaders

RRI supported the development of this annual training to help develop the next generation of leaders of public forest agencies, and prepare professionals to deal with the increasingly complex challenges on forest landscapes. The event exposes officers from forest ministries, other public agencies or civil society to cutting-edge analysis and information. By engaging them in a frank and open dialogue in a small-group setting, we hope the meetings will produce a stronger collaboration among these new leaders and help them better understand global issues and trends.

Global Alliance of Community Forestry (GACF)

The GACF joins the efforts of community organizations from around the world to advance the political strategy, capacity and knowledge for community forest management. RRI funds members’ strategic participation and voice in global events to promote reforms and knowledge exchange for community-based forest enterprises and forest management.

Civil Society Advisory Group of the International Tropical Timber Organization (CSAG)

Comprised of representatives from local and international nongovernmental organizations, the Advisory Group brings community voices to the ITTO Council deliberations on promoting direct financing of reforms for gendered forest tenure and community enterprises.

Independent Advisory Group on Forests, Rights and Climate Change (IAG)

This informal alliance of civil society organizations promotes forest tenure, governance and rights in the mitigation and adaptation of climate change. It creates a neutral space for multi-stakeholder dialogue to enrich formal decision-making processes. Currently RRI is the acting secretariat of IAG.