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The Global Alliance of Community Forestry (GACF) is a network of community organizations from around the world joining their efforts to advance political support, capacity and knowledge for community forest management.

By linking individual community forestry groups at global, regional, national and local levels, GACF empowers members with a greater unified voice to advocate for community-based forest management, particularly in regional and international conferences and dialogues. In addition, the Alliance facilitates demonstrations of best practices in community use, access and management of forests.

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RRI’s Role

RRI supports the growth and expansion of the GACF by connecting them to our growing network around the globe. Through our Partners and Collaborators, we help GACF link disparate community forestry groups, and help connect GACF to international policy debates. RRI promotes horizontal exchange internships and international learning opportunities among GACF community members.

In Asia in particular, RRI has prepared summaries of the state of community networks in each target country, which help GACF develop strategies to boost the effectiveness and reach of such a network in the region.

In 2008 and 2010, RRI also provided funds for GACF workshops on collective learning and strategic analyses. RRI has worked in collaboration with the GACF on several occasions, including:

  • In 2011, GACF hosted a side event  at the International Conference on Forest Tenure, Governance and Enterprise: Experiences and Opportunities for Asia in a Changing Context in Lombok Indonesia.
  • In 2008, RRI arranged for La Asociación Coordinadora Indígena y Campesina de Agroforesteria Comunitaria (ACICAFOC) to share lessons in building coalitions, strengthening institutions and developing political and economic strategies in Central America with two GACF members: the Federation of community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN) is and Coopérative Agro Forestière de la Trinationale (CAFT).
  • In 2007, at RRI’s Community Forest Enterprises Conference in Brazil, the GACF held side meetings to strengthen and expand its network.

Moving forward, RRI and GACF will further expand their relationship. In Latin America, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), an RRI Collaborator, is currently assisting GACF in identifying potential strategic alliances with communities in South America.