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MegaFlorestais is an informal network of forest agency leaders from the world’s largest forested countries, dedicated to advancing international dialogue and exchange on forest governance and public forest agency reforms. Members represent 75% of the world's forests and include Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the European Union, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Sudan, and the United States.

Since 2005, MegaFlorestais has provided an effective forum for discussing some of the more sensitive issues associated with institutional reform in the forest sector. While many agency heads can convene in formal venues, few opportunities exist for top policymakers to interact candidly. By connecting forestry leaders from around the world in a frank and informal setting, MegaFlorestais fills a vital niche in the drive to understand and improve forest property rights. As a platform, MegaFlorestais allows policymakers to consider far-reaching legal and policy reforms that address inequalities and lack of clarity in forest tenure.

By focusing on continuity of relationships between a small group of forest agency leaders, keeping discussions informal and confidential and facilitating dialogue around the most important topics in forestry, MegaFlorestais has quickly become one of the most effective forums for building institutional change.

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RRI’s Role

RRI co-organizes the annual meetings with the host government and facilitates the meetings by providing resource people and field experiences. Forest agencies trust RRI as a host to uphold the confidentiality of the discussions so that leaders can engage in free, honest debate. Since the first meeting of MegaFlorestais’ leaders in Beijing in 2005, these gatherings have increased international understanding of the importance of clear and just forest tenure, and the need to support reform.

At the request of MegaFlorestais leaders, RRI also developed an international training seminar for the Next-generation of forest agency leaders, called Global Issues in Governing Natural Resources. In these meetings, influential staff members of MegaFlorestais leaders are exposed to the increasingly complex challenges on forest landscapes and the global issues they face.

“Megaflorestais provides me with a unique opportunity to talk to outstanding professionals who are involved with work

that is extremely relevant to the Brazilian Forest Service.”

                                                                                                         – Luiz Carlos Joels, Director, Brazilian Forest Service

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