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Small Scale, Large Impacts

Transforming Central and West African Forest Tenure and Industry to Improve Sustainable Development, Growth, and Governance

Augusta Molnar, Peter Mbile, Solange Bandiaky, Rob Kozak, Kerstin Canby, Marina France - Rights and Resources





This report presents a body of new evidence on the opportunities for a more diverse and equitable forest economy which balances conservation, timber and wood-based production and industry, non-timber production, harvesting and trade and new ecotourism or ecological service enterprise. A renewed forest economy must reconcile the demands for national economic growth and the needs of forest communities and marginalized to remain relevant. This opportunity is linked to a tenure transition that supports strong local governance and forest resource tenure and rights, balancing multiple interests and stakeholders, through legal pluralism and nested, or multi-layered, tenure regimes.

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Release Date: December 2010
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